Venue rental

A modern setting with a distinctive style, MuMa is the ideal location for your professional events (conventions, seminars, press previews, marketing launches, and so on).

Venues & Services

For greater flexibility in the organization of your professional events, MuMa has several venues to choose from:
  • The conference room
  • The reception area
  • The restaurant

You can also opt for a range of services:
  • Guided tour of the permanent collection
  • Guided tour of the temporary exhibition
  • Unaccompanied tour of the museum
  • Food and beverages* (meals, breaks, cocktail party, welcome drinks)

*Please contact the museum restaurant directly (except Monday): +33 (0)2 35 19 62 75


Terms of provision:
  • Reservation 1 calendar month in advance
  • Venue provision from 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. (evenings available on request)
  • Venue provision plus your choice of exhibition tour (unaccompanied or guided).


Financial terms of provision:
  • Conference room with technician (video projection, sound): €240 for a half-day or an evening
  • Provision of the reception area: €180
  • Provision of the restaurant: €350
  • Package with museum admission and French-speaking guided tour in groups of 25 people when renting a room on the same day: €120
  • Breakfast at the museum restaurant with guided tour of the exhibition for 25 people: €750 (food and beverages not included)

Fees for services are to be paid to the museum upon receipt of the invoice.
Means of payment: cash – cheque – bankcard – bank transfer