Become a patron

MuMa is a meeting place for partner corporations who wish to contribute to the museum's global missions in a spirit of sharing and discovery.

Join the MuMa Patrons Circle

The museum's own revenue (ticket sales) and funding from the City of Le Havre cover part of the museum's budget, but without the financial support of its patrons, MuMa could not successfully complete its work: exhibitions, restorations, acquisitions of artworks, and educational, social and cultural outreach initiatives.

Why become a MuMa patron

When you become a MuMa patron, your company name is teamed with that of a prestigious cultural institutional with an international scope, allowing you to reach a wide audience through new forms of internal and external communication.

Communicate Differently
Your commitment to MuMa will give your company a creative image within a new context fostering rich dialogue with a wide range of stakeholders, from partners and public institutions to regional authorities, employees and customers.
Your support to the museum will also encourage new values in your company through cultural events that bring people together.

Create a Professional Network
MuMa cultural events serve as a forum for your company to create preferential ties with the many partners and economic decision-makers who support the museum.

Enjoy Advantages
When you become a MuMa patron, your company enjoys exclusive advantages (admission tickets for your staff, children's workshops, invitations to events) and a prestigious location for public relations events in a unique setting (cocktail receptions and private tours, catalogues, meeting rooms for seminars), with the benefit of a significant tax deduction.

How to become a MuMa patron?

You must first choose the amount of your annual membership.

For example, if you choose to contribute up to € 6,000:
Annual membership fee in euros 6,000
Tax deduction: 60% of your donation 3,600
Actual net cost to company after tax deduction 2,400
Value of special benefits: 25% of your donation 1,500
Actual cost to company (after deduction and special benefits) 900
MuMa will then propose a sponsorship agreement for the level of participation chosen. This agreement defines the purpose of the sponsorship initiative, sets its framework, specifies the respective commitments of the museum and the patron, and outlines the special benefits provided by the museum to the patron.

Your contacts

Christophe Allonier in charge of sponsorship and external financing for the City of Le Havre
Tel: 0033 (0)2 35 19 48 31

Séverine De Bellefroid, Head of Administration and Finance, MuMa
Tel: 0033 (0)2 35 19 62 63

Catherine Bertrand, External Relations in charge of sponsorship, MuMa
Tel: 0033 (0)2 35 19 55 91